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      Corporate structure

      The quarter in Essen (Germany)

      Organizational and management structure

      Organizational and management structure

      The Group is led strategically by thyssenkrupp AG. Founded in 1999 as a stock corporation under German law, the company has dual domiciles in Essen und Duisburg. Corporate headquarters is located in the thyssenkrupp quarter in Essen.

      The Executive Board of thyssenkrupp AG sets the strategy for the Group's development and steers the business areas, the corporate functions, and the service units.

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      Our business: The thyssenkrupp business areas

      The thyssenkrupp group

      Our business operations are organized in five business areas: Components Technology, Elevator Technology, Industrial Solutions, Materials Services, and the discontinued operation Steel Europe. The business areas are divided into business units and operating units. In 78 countries, 449 companies and 23 investments accounted for by the equity method are included in the consolidated financial statements.

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