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      Solutions for innovative, sustainable products and processes

      Together, we are stronger. Within our company. With our customers. And with our suppliers. Together, we develop market-leading solutions for innovative products and processes.

      Cooperating closely as partners, we continuously create new earnings and sales opportunities. Our procurement contributes significantly to a strong operative performance and the strategic development of our business. By sustainably reducing material cost. By ensuring high material availability and service levels. By bringing in technological innovation. Our success factors are our highly qualified, motivated and globally networked employees, cross-functional collaboration and state-of-the-art procurement practices. And, of course, our high performing, innovative suppliers. Our joint target is the high competitiveness of our customers and businesses.

      Procurement & Supply Management

      In Procurement & Supply Management, we collaborate closely within agile network structures. We bundle our expertise and our purchasing volume Groupwide and act together in the market. Our material field strategies are based on a comprehensive knowledge of customer and business requirements, of global supply markets and supplier capabilities. Modern purchasing methods and tools help us translate strategies into effective measures. Together with our internal and external partners. Day by day. Globally.

      Close cooperation across companies, regions and functions are the pillars of sustainable success.

      Christian Holzer, Chief Procurement Officer

      Strategic Cluster Management

      The thyssenkrupp spend is strategically managed via our clusters. This means that we develop future-orientated material field strategies and act in global supply markets as “ONE thyssenkrupp”. Via our cluster organization, we effectively leverage the thyssenkrupp purchasing volume and expertise.

      A strong focus of the cluster work is on strategically developing our global supplier base. We want to make sure that we work with the best suppliers worldwide to deliver added value to our customers and businesses.

      The teams are lead by our Cluster Managers and are deeply anchored in a Groupwide network organization. The team members operate decentrally in our businesses, functions and regions. This ensures that the material field strategies and measures agreed in the clusters optimally fit customer and business requirements and that they can be fully implemented in day-to-day business.

      Strategic Cluster Management_synegize

      Groupwide Procuement Organization

      An integrated organization for Procurement & Supply Management across all our businesses ensures the effective steering of the thyssenkrupp purchasing volume. We are a global, learning organization and continuously develop our professional methods and tools.

      The significance of the key focus regions of the thyssenkrupp Group is underlined by Regional Heads of Procurement. They ensure that tregional requirements and market potentials are included in the strategic collaboration. They support the implementation of regional measures and ensure that local potentials are available to the global thyssenkrupp companies.

      The procurement responsibles of our individual Group entities ensure the operative supply of goods and services for our local businesses. This is where the material field strategies, measures and supplier selection that have been agreed with the cluster teams are translated in day-to-day procurement operations to reach company and Group targets.

      Groupwide Procuement Organization
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