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      thyssenkrupp AG

      thyssenkrupp Allee 1
      45143 Essen
      Phone: +49 201 844-0
      Fax +49 201 844-536000

      Executive Board

      Oliver Burkhard
      Johannes Dietsch
      Dr. Donatus Kaufmann
      Guido Kerkhoff

      Registered office:

      Duisburg and Essen

      Commercial register:

      Duisburg local court: HR B 9092
      Essen local court: HR B 15364

      Value Added Tax number:

      DE 812 656 084

      For questions about thyssenkrupp AG or ideas about the structure or content of this website, please use the following contact address: press@thyssenkrupp.com

      For general inquiries please use our contact page.

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