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      The fiscal year of thyssenkrupp AG commences on October 1 and ends on September 30


      Current events

      • 2019-07-09 - 2019-08-08,

        Closed Period

        Board members and other persons with management duties are prohibited from trading in financial instruments of the thyssenkrupp Group during this period.

      • 2019-07-18 - 2019-08-07,

        Quiet Period

        For an appropriate period of time prior to the publication of quarterly or annual statements, thyssenkrupp Investor Relations limits its dialogue with the capital market.

      • 2019-08-08, Essen

        Interim report 9 months (October - June)

        Conference call with analysts and investors

      Past events

      • 2019-06-05, Berlin

        dbAccess Berlin Conference

      • 2019-06-05, Chicago

        10th Annual Global Industries & Materials Summit

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