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      Cross Industry Innovation

      Innovations rarely happen within traditional company boundaries any more. The real breakthroughs are achieved by collaboration across different sectors.

      As a diversified industrial group thyssenkrupp has a structural advantage here. Cross-industry collaboration results in innovations that an individual organization would be hard pressed to create on its own. The boundaries between sectors are in flux. The decisive step into the future is greater collaboration within traditional industries and with new sectors to generate innovations and new business models.

      InCar plus: combined strength

      InCar+ Projekt - Mitarbeiterinformation Ausstellungsdokumentation
      InCar+ Projekt - Mitarbeiterinformation Ausstellungsdokumentation

      InCar plus is currently the Group’s biggest development project, and the biggest OEM-independent project ever undertaken by an automotive supplier. InCar plus has created 40 new parts or solutions for the cars of tomorrow – 40 innovations that reduce weight by up to 50 percent, cut costs by up to 20 percent and lower CO2. emissions by up to eight grams per kilometer. Over the entire life cycle of a car, including production and recycling, InCar plus stands for CO2. savings of up to 1.76 tons per vehicle.

      InCar plus underlines once again our capabilities as a partner to the auto industry. InCar plus innovations can be used in the body, chassis, steering, and powertrain. Whether it’s sustainability, weight, cost, or performance – each InCar plus innovation is superior to the current state of the art in at least one of these categories.

      The project systematically leveraged our synergies as a diversified industrial group. A total of 100 engineers from eight companies at 15 locations worked on the project. It involved our European steel division, our components manufacturers, and our engine, transmission, and body assembly line specialists.

      With materials, components, and manufacturing specialists all working together, InCar plus solutions have a high degree of maturity and can be integrated quickly into automotive production. As development cycles for new models become ever shorter, every month counts. The production readiness of our solutions gives customers an important edge in terms of time and cost. And it’s exclusive to thyssenkrupp.

      MULTI: Teamwork results in elevator breakthrough

      cross industry MULTI

      MULTI is the result of collaboration between our elevator experts, our drive experts, our magnetic engineering specialists, our component manufacturers, and our production line specialists.

      The outcome is a paradigm change in elevator technology – a cable-free elevator that can move through a building not only vertically but also horizontally. This is made possible by the use of our Transrapid technology: The elevator is powered by linear motors that move the cabs up or down, left or right, forwards or backwards on magnetic rails.

      Our TechCenter Control Technology played an important role in this. With its numerous cabs traveling simultaneously, MULTI is a kind of driverless train system. Many mechatronic systems work together to guarantee high reliability and safety.

      Naturally, in this system the weight of the cab is a key factor for energy consumption, so our TechCenter Carbon Composites has developed a material that meets demanding weight-reduction targets. The production concept for the cabs was designed by our production line experts.

      Similarly to a paternoster lift, MULTI uses several cabs in its shafts. At the end of the shaft, transfer devices are used to change the cab direction. The bearings for this were developed by our components specialists: MULTI demonstrates the combined strengths of our Group in action.

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